Things to Do this Autumn in Dunkeld

There is no better time to explore Scottish forestry than the Autumn months. The weather is crisp and fresh, the beautiful colours are starting to emerge on the trees, and the groups of tourists have come and gone. Wrap up and get ready to see what Perthshire has to offer in Autumn.

Wander through the woods

Just because summer is drawing to an end doesn’t mean we have to batten down the hatches and prepare for winter. Autumn in Perthshire is breath taking! The leaves are starting to fall, which makes for a romantic walk through the woods. There are so many trails to choose from, embrace the fresh air and rejuvenate in tranquil and picturesque woodland. If the kids have been spending too much time on their devices, jumping in a pile of leaves and collecting acorns is an ideal way to switch off.

Wildlife watching

Autumn marks a change in Scottish wildlife. Take this opportunity to visit some of our deer watching spots to witness the ritual of Deer Rut, where the stags compete in a ceremony to determine who the ‘top dog’ is. Autumn is also the time to watch out for leaping salmon along the Perthshire rivers and the welcome of Barnacle Geese.

The Enchanted Forest

The Perthshire woodlands light up in a spectacular display of visual light installations, with miles of enchanting glistening glow, and the event attracts hundreds across the autumn months. Toasted marshmallows and stories along the way make The Enchanted Forest a unique experience for everyone.

The Perthshire Amber Festival

Founded by Scotland’s musical treasure, Dougie Maclean, the festival showcases local musical talent alongside some of Scotland’s favourite Gaelic artists. Live music is the perfect accompaniment to a cosy night in one of Perthshire’s watering holes.